August 31st, 2017

i-3MrDNkP-X3Today marks the first day in which I take the next step with my photo business. And what does every successful photography business need? A blog of course! 

So I am starting this week off with an introductory  post, to whet your appetites. And away we go!

I have wanted to make photography a major part of my life for quite a while now. Years in fact. I have always basked in the beauty and truth a photograph can show us. How terrible a conflict is, the inner workings of a sacred practice. Hell even be the next big meme. The possibilities with photography are endless and I want to harness some of that endlessness and use it to tell my own story, to project my own vision and truth in the world. 

Photography has always been a hobby of mine. Starting as just a fun thing to do to kill time, I found that I could use it to communicate to others. I could express myself through images that I couldn’t in writing or out loud. I was able to channel abstract and complex ideas into a two dimensional space for others to experience as well.

I was basically obsessed with photography, never having my camera too far away from me, and exploring the trails and unknown areas of my surroundings. Photography gave me an outlet to explore the world.

Quickly I found that people will pay you to take photos of them which at the time felt like a scam on them. Sure, I could get an image to look technically proficient, but being that salesman, the counselor, the friend towards people, that confidence in my photographic service is what I lacked then and still am plagued with from time to time now. Whew, run on sentence there. Charging only 20 dollars for headshots is what I started my services at. I had a wide range of potential clients for me to practice on with the extremely reasonable price any broke actor/college students could afford. Over the months I got more confident and had about a dozen shoots under my belt, I began to up my prices, engage with my clients better, and feel like no matter what the situation I knew I was going to get the best images I could.

Im not going to give a whole anthology about my life up till now. That would take much too long.

What I will round it off with is that from basically the beginning of my professional career as a photographer, I have intertwined my love for photography in with my other areas of interest. Whether it be in theatre which I have found a life long passion for as well, or photography, I have found how to express myself through art. I can communicate the important ideas through it. Like, “what really is important?” “How do I show love?” “what gets me excited?”

It’s given me a pathway to traverse this planet. It’s not enough to just look around on my own journey. My own experience, bursts from me, screams out to immortalize a moment. How could I not listen. I have learned to listen to that voice. It has guided me to some of my best work, and if there is any advice that can be taken away from this rambled garbage fire of a post, it’s that there is this creative energy, or emotion, or feeling, or whatever, 6th sense if you will, just below. it’s voice starts as a whisper when you start, but after some time, it will be deafening. Listen to your creative gut.

Rough and dirty is the name of the game for this particular post. Until next time folks.

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